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Adventure Experience

Specialized Courses

Off-Road Riding Courses



Designed for those that have:

  • Never ridden off-road before.
  • Ridden off-road before, but not for some time.
  • The course covers the principle theories of off-road riding; and basic skills riding exercises such as body position, vision, balance, use of controls and basic Sand Riding.

Key Lessons:

  • Learning to lift, balance and manoeuvre a motorcycle in awkward situations
  • Manoeuvring the motorcycle at slow speeds, and clutch control exercises
  • Improved braking ability
  • Ascending and descending hills safely and confidently
  • Trail riding on gravel fire roads and dirt tracks
  • Momentum exercises
  • Emergency Braking Low Speed



This course is designed for:

  • Riders who have confidently completed Level One and want to improve their biking skills even further.
  • Riders who want to tackle trails a little further off the beaten track.
  • Riders who want to build their confidence on an adventure style bike.
  • Riders that are confident on off roading

Key Lessons:

  • Detailed Explanation of theĀ  Riding Position.
  • Downhill Turns.
  • Technical Hill Climbs
  • Ruts & Logs
  • Off cambers
  • Emergency BrakingĀ  High Speed

Sand Riding




In order to achieve the maximum benefit from this course, you will need to be thoroughly competent with the Essential Core Skills taught in Levels One and Two; freeing you to concentrate on the technical aspects that really take your motorcycling skills to another level! Going straight into the Skills and Trials Challenge will allow you to assess your starting point for further skills development, as the major emphasis for Level Three is on honing your technical skills on the trails.

Key Lessons:

  • Brake slide turns
  • Power slides
  • Pre-loading the Suspension
  • Advanced Ruts and Changing ruts
  • Off cambers
  • Sand Ring and Recovery
  • Emergency Braking High Speed

ADVANCED Emergency Braking

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